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Our products are widespread in various industries ranging from health care providers to pharmaceutical companies to clinical research labs. We also provide products for educational institutes and art & craft centers. We have a widespread list of products for industrial as well as food and beverages sector. There are quite a lot of products enlisted to benefit the electronics sector too. There are various options available to serve the needs of the automobile and warehousing industry as well.

Our Products

Safety First

Safety Knives, Ring Knife, Letter Opener, Glove Clips, Ampoule Opener

Detectable Products

Pens & Stationery, Plasters, Safety Knives, Locks & Grippers

Sterilization & Packaging Products

Autoclavable Rubber Bands, Locks & Grippers, Wrapping Paper

Consumables & Resuable

Cleanroom Tapes, Printer & Labels, Document Holders, Tablet Holders